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Product Information:

You choose 1 Bounce House from the multiple selections, then you choose 1 Concession (Popcorn Packs or Cotton Candy Packs or Sno-Kone Syrup Packs included depending on your pick) , then choose 1 Party Game out of the multiple selections. We set up at delivery and take down when your event or party is over, so all you have to do is have fun.

Circuits needed:


Item Dimensions:

Space Needed:


Cotton Candy Machine:
  • All20Flavors20Flossugar 1674780877 Bounce House Party PackageCotton Candy Pack

    1 Half-Gallon Flossugar, your choice of 9 flavors (Boo-Blue, Wacky-Watermelon, Sassy-Apple, O-Jay, Silly-Nilly, Bubble Gum, Jolly-Berry, Cherry-Berry, Spookie-Fruiti), 15 cotton candy bags and 15 cotton candy cones. Can only be purchased with the rental of a cotton candy machine.

  • Boo Berry20Flossugar 1674784875 Bounce House Party PackageBoo-Berry Flossugar

    Boo-Blue is Blue Raspberry, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • Bubble Gum20Flossugar 1674783974 Bounce House Party PackageBubble Gum Flossugar

    Half-Gallon Bubble Gum Flossugar, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • Cherry Berry20Flossugar 1674783994 Bounce House Party PackageCherry Berry Flossugar

    Half-Gallon Cherry Berry Flossugar, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • Jolly Berry20Flossugar 1674784024 Bounce House Party PackageJolly Berry Flossugar

    Half- Gallon Jolly Berry Flossugar, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • O Jay20Flossugar 1674784043 Bounce House Party PackageO-Jay Flossugar

    Half-Gallon O-Jay Flossugar, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • Sassy Apple20Flossugar 1674785017 Bounce House Party PackageSassy-Apple Flossugar

    Sassy-Apple is Green Apple flavor, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • Silly Nilly20Flossugar 1674784064 Bounce House Party PackageSilly Nilly Flossugar

    Half-Gallon Silly Nilly Flossugar, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • Spookie Fruti20Flossugar 1679668740 Bounce House Party PackageSpookie Fruiti Flossugar

    Half-Gallon Spookie-Fruiti (Grape Flavor) Flossugar, 30 bags and 30 cones

  • Wacky Watermelon20Flossugar 1674784945 Bounce House Party PackageWacky-Watermelon Flossugar

    Wacky-Watermelon is Melon Flavor, 30 bags and 30 cones

Popcorn Machine 8oz:
  • PREMIUM20POPCORN 1674870655 Bounce House Party PackagePopcorn Pack

    2 Premium Pre-Portioned Popcorn Packs 8oz, 20 Popcorn 1oz Bags. Can only be purchased with the rental of a popcorn machine.

Snow Cone Machine:
  • sp 1691727374 Bounce House Party PackageSno-Kone Syrup Pack

    Extra Snow cone syrup Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Watermelon or Grape and 15 snow cone cups. Can only be purchased with the rental of a snow cone machine.

  • BLUE20RASPBERRY20FLAVOR 1690116290 Bounce House Party PackageBlue Raspberry Syrup

  • CHERRY20FLAVOR 1690116337 Bounce House Party PackageCherry Syrup

  • GRAPE20SYRUP 1691725611 Bounce House Party PackageGrape Syrup

  • WATERMELON20SYRUP 1691725535 Bounce House Party PackageWatermelon Syrup

  • Birthday20Bounce20House20Pic 1695340293 Bounce House Party PackageBirthday Cake Bounce House

  • BANNER20HOUSE 1682609446 Bounce House Party PackageBounce House

    This Bounce House is perfect for the bigger kids who love to have fun. It has a basketball hoop ( plastic basket ball provied) and holds up to a 1000lbs. Units are cleaned and sanitized before and after every use. Overnight and 2 day rentals offered also.

  • Cornhole 1688954502 Bounce House Party PackageCornhole

    Cornhole matches are played with 2 sets of four bags (8 total) 2 boards and 2, 4, or 8 players. Its a fun game for all ages. Comes with 2 boards and 8 bags. Can only be rented with the rental purchase of an Inflatable.

  • Football20Chair20Toss 1673648548 Bounce House Party PackageFootball Chair Toss

    The Football Toss game is a fun indoor/outdoor game. Two teams try to throw the football into the others chair without it being intercepted and giving them the point. You can only Intercept the ball after the other player shoots and the ball bounces off the chair. If defending player drops the interception the other team gets the point. Or you can just hope they miss. If a player does score, that team must then try to kick a field goal through the uprights for an extra point. First team to 21 wins. Can be played up to 4 players. Can only be rented with the rental purchase of an Inflatable.

  • Giant20Connect20Four 1673640189 Bounce House Party PackageGiant Connect Four

    Our Giant Connect Four is a great indoor/outdoor game for all ages. We set up and take down, so all you and your guests have to do is have fun. Can only be rented with the rental purchase of an Inflatable.

  • Giant20Jenga 1673648007 Bounce House Party PackageGiant Jenga

    This is a fun outdoor/indoor block stacking game. Can only be rented with the rental purchase of an Inflatable.

  • Giant20Yard20Yahtzee 1673648427 Bounce House Party PackageGiant Yard Yahtzee

    Fun giant dice game with score cards. Can only be rented with the rental purchase of an Inflatable.

  • pbh3 1682740788 Bounce House Party PackagePink Bounce House

    Our Pink Bounce House will make your party of the block. Has a basket ball hoop and can hold up to a 1000lbs. So even an adult and friends can enjoy this awesome bounce house.

  • SPACE 1674940758 Bounce House Party PackageSpace Saver Combo

    Our Space Saver Combo is perfect for any indoor/outdoor party or event. It stands only 8' high and offers easy entry and exiting. Mesh netting all the way around so it makes it easy to watch the kids. Has a climbing wall with a slide and an entanglement game. This combo is great for 4 to 10 year old children. We set up on delivery and take down after your party or event so all you have to do is have fun.

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